Boy Fuck University - Starring Pat and Jan
We have another two new faces here at BoysFromPrague, Patrik and Jan. They're 21 and 19 year old students at University in Prague. That's a really great opportunity for them to earn some extra money. We didn't ask them if they were gay or straight so we gave them a porn straight magazine. I think they were more interested about their rock hard dicks instead of the pussies in the photos! They've never fucked in front of camera but I have to admit they were amazing! Jan has a really huge dick and Patrik looked like really anxious to get in his smooth asshole! I think these young Prague guys can fuck anything, but I'm sure happy they were fucking each other for my cameras!

Gorgeous Fuckers - Starring Tomas J. and Jakub
Last week we met two really gorgeous boys, Tomas and Jakub. They're 19 and 20 years old. Wanna know a little secret? Jakub is really straight and obviously he played as top. He's a car mechanic , maybe we could ask to pose with his overall! Tomas is a barman and he lives in a small town near Prague with his boyfriend. These boys are both uncut! They really know how to play with their lovely cocks and they really gave the best when we caught them on video. I wouldn't hide my dream of seeing Jakub playing as bottom. He said us he's just top... but who knows in the future!

Fucking a Mate's Asshole - Starring Jan and Radovan
Our hunky boy Jan strikes back, this time with a new face here at BoysFromPrague, Radovan. He is a 19 years old guy who lives in the southern part of Prague. He has a developed body, like his friend Jan. But the amazing thing is that he is really straight! We didn't ask him fuck Jan, he did it on his own. To be honest Jan pushed him a bit offering a condom and asking him to play with his asshole. To add some fun we gave them a dildo and Radovan was really happy to try out the asshole of his mate! I'm really happy cause I've never seen a straight guy kissing another guy so intensely!

Twink Adventure starring Jan and Miroslav
Some our friends introduced us both Jan both Miroslav. We started our BoysFromPrague adventure with them. Jan is a 27 year old hunk boy while Miroslav is 19 years old. They have both a developed muscle body. It was their first time in front of camera but they did a really good job sucking their juicy cocks and playing with their smooth ass! We didn't ask them anything, they were free to do whatever they want! They really like fucking other boys and they showed that pretty well in several amazing hardcore scenes. If you visit Prague you could find them in some clubs!


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